Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Many Crazy People on the Road, What in Pare-Pare?

City of Pare-Pare , South Sulawesi , is now littered with the existence of people with mental disorders who are scattered in many locations .

This condition not only makes the sights in the city winning the Verse nine times less convenient , but also began to bother residents because their numbers continue to grow .

Shamsuddin , a resident of Pare-Pare , Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) , said the presence of the madman was not just littering the landscape , but began to interfere with the safety of road users .

" A lot of crazy people wandering around , especially near the harbor . Not infrequently disrupt the activities of road users , because sometimes stand in the middle of the road , " said Shamsuddin .

Not only that , Shamsuddin claimed , often see people who have walked the soul ganngguan not use underwear . " There are up naked . It's an eyesore , " he said .

In response to the rise of crazy people who up to now unknown origin , Acting ( Acting ) Sekdakot Pare-Pare , H Andi Mappangara Mustafa said , there is no indication of intent committed certain elements , with a continued increase in the number of people mad at Pare-Pare .

" Indeed, the presence of late sane people do not wander very disturbing . It seems like there's a mode that is done by certain people , who intentionally bringing the crazy to Pare-Pare , " said Mustafa .

" Reportedly , the sane people who do not come from outside the area , either using a landline or sea lanes . And there are certain people who carry it , " he said .
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However , Mustafa could not explain the motive of her surprise . He just admitted will coordinate with relevant parties . "Mainly with the Department of Health and Social Service to resolve this one issue , '' said Mustafa .


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