Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doctors Formulate ASEAN Free Trade Agenda

Among physicians in Southeast Asian countries share information on handling and disciplinary systems of medicine . Steps were taken to formulate the ASEAN free trade agenda that will apply from 2015.

" Thus , foreign doctors can go to Indonesia to practice , and vice versa , " said Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Disciplinary Board Ali Baziad when giving a press conference at Bidakara , 28 April 2014 .

Ali explained that the meeting was attended by representatives from the Philippines , Malaysia , Vietnam , Thailand , Cambodia , Myanmar , and Timor Leste aims to improve understanding and strengthen the network of institutions - medical discipline regara ASEAN countries .
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" Eight countries certainly have a different system in the medical discipline . Having said that , we asked each country to explain what are the problems faced and the solutions taken to solve the problem , " said Ali .

Indonesian Medical Council members , Dayo Soemitro , said the free market in medicine requires a guide for physicians . The main one is the understanding of the regulations in the country that would be the place they work .

According to him , at least there are some guidelines that will be a deal . " Among them , each physician must master the language in the country of employment , become members of the profession , has been practicing for five years , and has a test certificate of competency , " said Daryo .


Monday, April 28, 2014

Indonesia Will Have Microbial Breeding Center

Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) will launch the " Indonesian Cultural Collection " which microbial culture collection center in May.

" This is the first time in Indonesia , " said Head of LIPI Lukman Hakim on the sidelines of the " soft launch " Present Status book Biodiversity of Indonesia in Jakarta , Monday ( 28/4 ) .
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Lukman said , to plant biodiversity Indonesia already has a botanical garden that is better known as the Bogor Botanical Gardens .

As for animal biodiversity , zoology museum has been established which is the third largest in the world with two million species .

"With this microbial culture center will be able to store potentially bacteria , " he said .

Previously , when the research carried out in 2011 are already registered sebanak 681 bacterial isolates comprising 32 genera and 259 isolates were identified to the species level dengtan well .

Currently updating the book compiled Indonesian Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan ( IBSAP ) and determination of national targets to protect ecosystems in Indonesia until 2020 .

By knowing the potential richness and biodiversity can be determined then the national target to reduce the rate of biodiversity deterioration IBSAP be published in 2014-2020 .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

BlackBerry London: from Indonesia to the World

BlackBerry CEO John Chen did not hesitate to mention that the Z3 was designed after being inspired by the BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia . No doubt , this handset has the nickname ' Jakarta ' .

According to Chen , BlackBerry users in the country so prolific in using the handset and stay connected with family , friends and co-workers wherever they may be .
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For that developed BlackBerry Z3 aka ' Jakarta ' to meet the needs of users of BlackBerry gadgets as above .

" Equipped with all offered by BlackBerry 10 , BlackBerry Z3 has an all -touch design is modern and stylish with outstanding productivity features and reliable communication , " said Chen in his official statement on Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) .

Chen added that the BlackBerry Jakarta aimed at the next generation of BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia , which is equipped with applications and local content .

Even so , this device will not only be sold to the Indonesian market , but will also spread to other countries , especially emerging markets.

BlackBerry Jakarta include 5 -inch touch screen with a resolution of 540x940 pixels and a density of 220 ppi screen , long lasting battery which is claimed and the BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 .


Tension Rises Ukraine Geopolitics , Asia Stock Decline

Asian stock markets start trading this week with the opening of markets losses on Monday amid an atmosphere of increasing geopolitical tensions .

As reported by CNBC , Monday, April 28, 2014 , the U.S. and Europe is expected to immediately add sanctions against Moscow after pro- Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine capturing and holding eight European military officials and seized the television station 's headquarters in the city of Donetsk regional last weekend .

" Ukraine once again triggered tension of more severe sanctions against Russian officials in President Putin's circle , this will interfere with the normal trading conditions , " said Evan Lucas , market analyst at IG .
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U.S. Federal Reserve's move will be the focus of investor attention . Because investors expect more clues about the plans and schedule for the U.S. central bank would again cut stimulus for monthly bond purchase program of U.S. $ 10 billion .

The Nikkei in Tokyo fell 0.8 percent this morning . The benchmark Japan 's main stock market fell 134.97 points to 14294.29 . This condition is influenced by the strengthening of the currency exchange rate at the level of 102 yen against the U.S. dollar .

Shares of retailers declined despite data showing that March retail sales grew at the fastest pace since 1997 . Among other Fast Retailing and Takashimaya each fell more than 1 percent .

Shares of automakers such as Honda Motor fell nearly 4 percent despite reporting a net profit jumped to 56 percent in a year . Meanwhile, Mazda Motor dropped 0.2 percent .

Meanwhile , the S & P ASX 200 in Sydney bourse slipped 0.2 percent . Australian stock market benchmark index is down 1.80 points to 5529.20 .

Whitehaven Coal stocks with highest losses fell more than 2 percent in early trading on the Sydney stock exchange .

As Seoul 's Kospi index rose 0.1 percent . Benchmark index of South Korea 's stock market rose 3.20 points to 1974.86 .

Strengthening the Kospi index is supported by a 1 percent rise in heavyweight stocks Kia Motors . Market participants seem to fry the issue of the proclamation of President Park Geun Hye accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Chung Hong Won -related criticism of the government over the disaster of handling passenger ferry that sank .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Many Crazy People on the Road, What in Pare-Pare?

City of Pare-Pare , South Sulawesi , is now littered with the existence of people with mental disorders who are scattered in many locations .

This condition not only makes the sights in the city winning the Verse nine times less convenient , but also began to bother residents because their numbers continue to grow .

Shamsuddin , a resident of Pare-Pare , Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) , said the presence of the madman was not just littering the landscape , but began to interfere with the safety of road users .

" A lot of crazy people wandering around , especially near the harbor . Not infrequently disrupt the activities of road users , because sometimes stand in the middle of the road , " said Shamsuddin .

Not only that , Shamsuddin claimed , often see people who have walked the soul ganngguan not use underwear . " There are up naked . It's an eyesore , " he said .

In response to the rise of crazy people who up to now unknown origin , Acting ( Acting ) Sekdakot Pare-Pare , H Andi Mappangara Mustafa said , there is no indication of intent committed certain elements , with a continued increase in the number of people mad at Pare-Pare .

" Indeed, the presence of late sane people do not wander very disturbing . It seems like there's a mode that is done by certain people , who intentionally bringing the crazy to Pare-Pare , " said Mustafa .

" Reportedly , the sane people who do not come from outside the area , either using a landline or sea lanes . And there are certain people who carry it , " he said .
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However , Mustafa could not explain the motive of her surprise . He just admitted will coordinate with relevant parties . "Mainly with the Department of Health and Social Service to resolve this one issue , '' said Mustafa .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Jokowi Select Home Opens than Attend Volunteer Leader Award Event Changes

Governor of Jakarta at the same time presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , not present at the Change Leader Award 2014 held at Djakarta Theater Republika daily , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) night . At the same time , Jokowi participate Indonesia inaugurated the Great Coalition volunteers , Mangunsarkoro Street , Menteng , Central Jakarta .

In the event a boon character changes , present 2004-2009 Vice President Jusuf Kalla , Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa , Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Agung Laksono , Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto , as well as the Chairman of the Indonesian Regional Representatives Council Irman Gusman . Also present were Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar and former National Police Chief Timur Pradopo .

Meanwhile , in Menteng , attended the event which was also attended by businessmen Jokowi Mooryati Soedibyo and hundreds of volunteers Jokowi compact using the plaid shirt . Jokowi said , the presence of the great figures in the show enough grace figures enliven the event.

" There 's been no great figures . Already many are , I feel I have ( enough ) , " said Jokowi .
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Jokowi dismissed in the absence penganugerahaan figures show the change because this year he did not get the award . " Loh , I used to be from there . Past four years already , so I forgot what award , " said Jokowi .

At home volunteer , Jokowi follow a number of agendas . After listening to statements in support of the volunteers , the event opened with a welcome Jokowi . He also discussed with a number of volunteers there . The volunteers could provide a caricature and a tee-shirt will Jokowi to the candidate that they desire .


Commemoration of Kartini , Doctors Hospital of Solo Wear Traditional Clothing

Various methods are used to commemorate Kartini Day today , Monday, April 21, 2014 . As the doctors and hospital employees Moewardi Solo Dr , they wore traditional clothing from several regions in Indonesia .

Monitoring in Hospital Dr Moewardi , different atmosphere visible when entering the room of patient care in hospitals owned by the Central Java province . Female security officer who normally wear uniforms greatness Daily Office Clothes white and blue , on this day all dressed in kebaya .
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Not only that , the doctors , nurses , and the clerk did not miss to come dressed in traditional clothing . For women , there are wearing kebaya , baju kurung , Dayak customary fashion , and others . Meanwhile , there are men who wear Betawi traditional clothes , clothing beskap , and blangkon .

Head of Legal and Public Relations Moewardi Solo Hospital , Elysa said , in commemoration of Kartini , this community hospital wearing traditional clothes from different regions of the archipelago . In the morning , the entire staff , physicians , and hospital staff to follow the ceremony by wearing traditional clothes of the entire archipelago .

" To commemorate Kartini 's Day , which is usually the doctors and staff wearing uniforms , they wear clothes today national customs . 's Aim is also to preserve the custom dresses that have started to be forgotten , " he said .

He said that the hospital staff wearing the customary full day . This is also true for the doctors and nurses when making health care for the patients .

" It's just that there are exceptions to the surgeon . Currently acts surgery , the doctor will abandon traditional dresses , replaced by a uniform operation . Surgery order is not disturbed , " said Elysa .
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In Bogor , West Java , dozens of Bogor City Police Women Police to raid two wheelers and four wheelers around the Tugu Kujang , Eastern District of Bogor .
However , they do not menilang motorists who violate traffic . Rather , just giving a flower .

" That's it , is not ticketed , " said Head of Plans and Program of Bogor City Police Assistant Commissioner of Police Siska Dwi .

He said , giving this flower as a symbol of affection in the Kartini Day . " Her warrior woman , without his services , we may not be able to enjoy the results of the struggle , " he said .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Iodine prices soar, Garut Salt Farmers Complain

Salt farmers in Cikelet , Garut , West Java complain . They complained about the high price of iodine which reached Rp 1 million per kilogram ( kg ) .

" In fact , iodine as an additional ingredient that must be present to be mixed with sea water , " said Chairman of Farmers Group Three Farmers Estuary , Jono Sujono told Reuters , recently.

Currently , as many as 20 people in four villages in the district Cikelet , continue to develop the processing of salt . Four villages are village Cekelet , Pamalayan , Cijambe , and Cigadog . In the village itself Cigadog there are four people who have started to develop the business .

Salt treatment in the region has been running for the past two years . Initially , the effort was facilitated by Bank Indonesia ( BI ) . Jono said , no salt fields in his village , but there's no salt farmers , " he said .

Based upon the fact that , subsequently tested by the salt farmers of Indramayu is deliberately brought to Garut . It turns out , says Jono , the results are even better in Garut , because salinity 5 ppm . Meanwhile, in a small village just 3 ppm because it has a lot of contact with the waste .

Chairman of Farmers Group Sawargi , Muldan , also recognizes that the quality levels of salt in the southern ocean , especially Garut , very nice . Even during the dry season could reach 7 per mile , because it is not mixed with fresh water .

" Now we are still difficulties iodine , must be bought in Bandung . 1 kg of iodine is expensive Rp 1h uta , "complained Muldan . The need for iodine is not too much .

However , according to Muldan , iodized salt is a requirement that must be followed if you want to get into the market thereof . For 500 kg of salt , then use only 1 gram of iodine .
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For marketing , the salt produced by the farmers still for consumption needs of local residents . They used to use salt for the production of salted fish . " Salt is usually sold at Rp 1,000 for 1 kg of it , " he said .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Galaxy S Fitness, Samsung's first Android Smartwatch ?

Besides talking about the first Tizen smartphone Samsung , told Reuters Samsung 's senior VP of product strategy , Yoon Han - kil also stated that Samsung also intends to launch a smartwatch that run Google's Android OS Wear this year .

Wear the Android operating system will become the fourth different to that used in the wearable Samsung devices that they currently have , because it will be using the OS with a tweaked version of Android used in the Galaxy Gear , Tizen on Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo and RTOS on Gear fit , as reported by sammobile .
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Samsung reasons to switch to Tizen in Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo is that the battery life on the device would be better than using Android , but once again it could be the steps taken to encourage digital content Samsung supports Google services . As for the Gear Fit , Samsung stated that this device uses a lighter operating systems like RTOS that allows manufacturers to run a low-end hardware with a battery life of four days of use .

Unfortunately , Yoon said no further details about their smartwatch , but through the filing of a trademark that has recently made ​​the Samsung indicates that the device will be called the Galaxy S Fitness. While the trademark name that appeared this week in the U.S. , there are other names like Gears and Gear Solo Now . Now Gear and Gear Solo will likely use Tizen given the absence of Galaxy didalamhya name , but the Galaxy S Fitness may turn out to be Samsung's first Android smartwatch Wear .

But if Yoon mentions that Android Smartwatch Wear will launch later this year , it is unlikely they will unveil the device in the near future , as it will affect the sales of Gear 2 and Gear Fit . So most likely this device will launch at the same time with the next generation of Galaxy Note .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alcohol Celebrate Birthday Party People, 9 Citizens Killed Malang

A total of 9 people were killed after partying liquor adulterated to celebrate the birthday of their counterparts in Malang . They were killed in a different time and place .

Binge drinking was held on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) at 17:00 pm in the anniversary events Bachrudin Edwin ( 35 ) , at his boarding house , at No. 21 Jalan Sources Sane , Kalirejo Village , District Lawang , Malang .

" We just know it . Incident was on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) night , " said Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Adi Malang Deriyan Jayamarta to Kompas.com , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) night .

Adi said the death toll of which are known to the police in Sri Wijiastuti ( 32 ) died at his boarding house on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) . Another victim , Edwin Bachrudin ( 35 ) , Jafar ( 34 ) and Jayadi ( 34 ) .

" All three victims died on Tuesday at 06.00 pm at Saiful Anwar Hospital ( RSSA ) Malang , " he said .

The next victim is Kholili ( 33 ) and Arif Dyan Suprobo . They died on Wednesday ( 04.16.2014 ) at 02.00 pm in hospitals Lawang . Then the other deaths were Rudi Iswanto ( 36 ) and Nardi ( 33 ) , a resident of the Village Sidodadi , District Lawang .

" One victim died this afternoon ( Wednesday) , not known his name , " said Adi .

In addition to causing people died , adulterated alcohol also resulted in a number of critical and hospitalized in Panti Nirmala Malang . They are Paito and Driver , villagers Sidodadi , Lawang .

There are also victims treated at RSSA Malang . They are Satuin , Rudi , Samidi and Nyono , four villagers Sidodadi , District Lawang . Dwi Tri Hardianto ago , residents Kalirejo , District Lawang , Malang .

" The evidence that we find there are 15 types of beer bottles Stars . One such bottle of ethanol and other energy drinks . 's All we bagged. Clearly there until 9 tonight who died , " he said .
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Asked determination of the suspect , Adi still depth. " We go into first . But how would establish the suspect , the victim died wong , " he said .


Demand Benefits Up, Medan District Court Clerk Strike

Dozens of clerks in the District Court ( PN ) field along strike convened today , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 . Registrar demanding the Supreme Court Clerks office allowances revised since 2010 and was never renewed .

Registrar reasonable , work load and responsibilities as dire clerks and judges in handling the case during the trial . However , revenue clerks and judges differ much . " Registrar is responsible and must be present at the hearing and signed the verdict , " said Abdul Rahman , Chairman of the Clerk of the Court Secretary Indonesia ( IPASI ) , told Tempo , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .
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Rahman explained , clerks allowance of Rp 375 thousand per month in salary . The judge received Rp 20 million per month , consisting of salaries and allowances . " It is not fair that welfare does not get the attention of the clerk of the Supreme Court, even though the most important part of the clerk of the trial , " said Rahman, who is also the Medan District Court bailiff .

As a result of breakdowns clerks , trial schedule be disrupted . Hundreds of lawyers and citizens who will be attending the hearing were forced to wait in the courtyard of the PN field . " Due to the strike of the trial, the trial schedule was back on my son , " said Sri Lestari , the mother of one of the accused criminal cases .

Tempo has until Wednesday afternoon around 13:00 pm , the atmosphere in the building was not as busy as the PN field regular . The clerks were supposed to be in the court room during working hours just sitting in each workspace . According to Rahman , the trial will be carried out on strike until tomorrow . " Currently , the drafting team strike the trial court clerk is being consulted and will continue grains demands clerks to the Supreme Court this afternoon . If MA grant our demands , tomorrow the whole clerks will return to work as normal , " said Rahman .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Fadel: Will not Give Tickets Golkar presidential candidate to anyone, except Ical

Vice president of Partai Golkar Fadel Muhammad said , measures Akbar Tandjung and Jusuf Kalla middle position mengincar maneuver vice presidential candidate is private . It says , Golkar will not change the president of Partai Golkar nomination Bakrie as a potential presidential candidate .

" Statement of JK Pak Pak Akbar and the private , have nothing to do with Golkar . Golkar remains in command of Pak Ical ( Aburizal ) , " Fadel said when contacted on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

Former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries explained that his party will do in this town leadership meeting. However , Golkar will be determined not to call a special leadership meeting or discussion exceptional district ( musdalub ) to shake Ical nomination .

Questions Golkar voice revenue slowdown of the target , Fadel evaluating it can not be a reason for the nomination to replace Ical . According to him , the acquisition of Golkar votes based on a quick count pollsters this year, 1.6 percent higher than the national voice revenue in Election 2009 . Fadel mentions, Partai Golkar melesetnya voice revenue from the target caused by the banyan tree is symbolic of the party failed miserably in Java.

" So, with this defeat , not to blame the General Public . Golkar will not give ticket to anyone, except Pak Ical . Pak Aburizal We carry the solid and committed Pak spare Akbar and Jusuf Kalla , " said Fadel .

Previously, Hall Consideration from the Golkar Party Akbar Tandjung mewacanakan rapimnas implementation before the presidential election . In rapimnas the forum , Akbar said it would ask for an evaluation of fixing Ical as a candidate. Akbar also volunteered as cawapres .
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On the other hand , former General Chairman of Golkar Party Jusuf Kalla has also arrived from Nasdem Party . JK meets with president of Partai Nasdem Surya TV Commercial on Friday ( 4/11/2014 ) ago. Later , Nasdem state berkoalisi with PDI- P . News duet Jokowi -JK began to adduce .


Friday, April 11, 2014

Samsung Profit Decline?

In two consecutive quarters , Samsung is projected to have declining profits . Similarly, as quoted PULSAonline via the BBC .

In the period from January to March , Samsung's operating profit reached 8.4 trillion usually Won ( 7.9 billion USD ) , is now decreased 4 % compared to the same period last year .

According to an analyst at Hyundai Securities , Young Park , Samsung's declining profit margins caused by the collapse of the smartphone market in addition to the slow rate of growth in this business .

In the smartphone market , the last few years Samsung Galaxy series rely on a variety of products that have become the biggest factor driving the growth of the South Korean vendors . But on the other hand , a number of competitors Samsung is also trying to take advantage in the same sector .

With declining profits , Samsung was said to need to take anticipatory measures , by reducing the cost reduction and marketing .

" This year, Samsung needs to do things such as reducing the cost of production and marketing , " says Greg Spirit , an analyst at HMC Investment and Securities .
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As is known , a number of rival Samsung , like Apple , HTC , and Chinese vendors such as Lenovo , ZTE , and Huawei is aggressively making efforts to increase their market share .

Impact, in addition to competition in the smartphone business will be increasingly fierce , the vendors were forced to reduce prices , which in turn will reduce their profit margins . It was of course done to reach many consumers .

Sources at the BBC website , the decline in profits experienced by Samsung , is considered as a challenge for the company to increase revenues amid a decline in the price of the smartphone .


Candidates Sound MCC benchmarks, Kades House Burned

Tlagah home village head , Galis Bangkalan , Madura , East Java , burnt , Thursday ( 10/4 ) . Arson was suspected to be linked Nawawi house election .

" It is true there are burning home by a group of people . Yet burning only the front door , because the fire was put out immediately, " said Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Bangkalan Sulistijono .

The burning of the village head Tlagah it started happening around 17:00 pm . Driving a pickup, direct mass throwing of petrol jerry cans . Some are breaking the glass walls and glass parked car .

Kades Nawawi said not knowing for sure the cause of the burning and destruction of his house was . But nothing to do with the strong suspicion pileg .

In the village , he said , there is one candidate who is not satisfied with the acquisition of voice . Because little is not as expected .

Previously uncle Nawawi , H Halib never came to him and asked to adjust the sound of the vote a candidate from the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) that added 1,200 votes.

However , Nawawi reject the premise of maintaining neutrality as the village head . In addition , villagers who ran on pileg this time there were three people . Namely become candidates in Nasdem Party and Hanura .

" Well , since I reject it , the uncle threatened to burn the house , and was after maghrib was actually brought the masses and want to burn this house , fortunately can be immediately rescued , " said Nawawi .

" I'm obviously not good, because all three candidates are equally familiar . Finally I pasrahkan aspirations of the people and not according to the wishes of the uncle who asked to add as many as 1,200 votes on the PKS candidate , " he said .
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Massa also attempted to set fire to the ballot box when voting results are still stored in his home . Because in this Tlagah village which is used as place as the village hall is home to the village .

Until around 23:30 pm in the home situation is still tense Tlagah village head and the village family fear of arson was committed group of people . Police stepped up security and doing the scene if ( scene ) .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to Install Apps / Games from SD Card

Generally, install the application on a mobile phone based on Windows Phone, Android and iOS can be done directly through the store (app store) default handset. However, this process is sometimes hampered by unstable internet connection, or it could be the size of large files and applications that will certainly drain your data quota package.

For example Asphalt game 8: Airborne which has a size of about 820 MB installation file. With a file size of it, of course you will think again if you want to download it directly from the phone.

Do not be discouraged yet, the article made Microsoft's latest update allows you to download an install file (mentahan) apps / games from the Windows Phone Store to your PC / Computer. Furthermore, you can install the file to the phone via the SD Card that the average has been widely supported by current Windows Phone handsets.

Then, how? Here's a guide:

1. Open windowsphone.com from your PC browser, then select the tab Apps + Games.

2. Select the application or game you want. In this tip, choose a game Asphalt PULSE 8: Airborne with a file size of 820 MB.

3. On page ditel games / apps, scroll down until you find a link that says "Download and Install manualy". Click on the link to get the installer file that you select the game.

4. Wait until the download is complete, depending on your internet connection.

5. After the game installer file is downloaded, copy the file to the root directory of the SD Card in Windows Phone.

6. If the installer file copy process is complete, open the tab "Store" on your Windows Phone. The next display, you will find a new directory which is the SD Card. If not appear, wait a while, or you can also reset Windows Phone first.

7. Open the directory of the SD card, and you will find a list of games that were previously downloaded.

8. To install it, select the game / application and click the "Install". The installation process will run automatically like you install the application directly from the Windows Phone Store. The difference, the process required by the SD Card is shorter / faster, because you do not need to download it again.
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9. Yes, the installation process games / apps on Windows Phone from the SD Card is completed and you can directly run it.

Good luck ...!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NATO Holds Talks to Press Russia

Foreign ministers of all the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) will meet in Brussels , Belgium , on Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) afternoon local time , to discuss strategies to help Ukraine simultaneously pressing Russia .

The meeting was an inaugural dialogue consisted of 28 blocks of the country since the Russian took over the Crimea . (see also: situs download aplikasi gratis)

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the withdrawal of most troops from the border with Ukraine .

In an official statement of NATO foreign ministers are scheduled to talk with Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Deshchytsia on ways to shore up Ukraine in the aspect of defense reform .

As reported by the BBC correspondent , Jonathan Marcus , at the meeting of foreign ministers expected to discuss cooperation freezing formally with Russia .

In addition , they will consider a number of options considered in order to give security to the countries of Eastern Europe , including placing a permanent military base in the Balkan countries .

Previously , Lithuania , Estonia , and Bulgaria which is the former Soviet Union expressed concern over the Russian action in Ukraine .

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev , for example , said the Russian lunge can be a bad precedent for the future.

" How about Lithuania ? How to Estonia ? We have Russian communities . Did that mean they ( Russian communities ) can be contacted Moscow and Moscow would send troops , occupied , and took over most of the territory of the country ? "
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Tensions between Russia and Western countries increased after the overthrow of the pro - Kremlin Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in February , after a large demonstration for a month .

Russia annexed the Crimea decision to trigger a crisis in relations with the West .

Previously , the foreign minister the U.S. and Russia meet to discuss settlement of the crisis in Ukraine , but did not produce an agreement .