Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doctors Formulate ASEAN Free Trade Agenda

Among physicians in Southeast Asian countries share information on handling and disciplinary systems of medicine . Steps were taken to formulate the ASEAN free trade agenda that will apply from 2015.

" Thus , foreign doctors can go to Indonesia to practice , and vice versa , " said Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Disciplinary Board Ali Baziad when giving a press conference at Bidakara , 28 April 2014 .

Ali explained that the meeting was attended by representatives from the Philippines , Malaysia , Vietnam , Thailand , Cambodia , Myanmar , and Timor Leste aims to improve understanding and strengthen the network of institutions - medical discipline regara ASEAN countries .
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" Eight countries certainly have a different system in the medical discipline . Having said that , we asked each country to explain what are the problems faced and the solutions taken to solve the problem , " said Ali .

Indonesian Medical Council members , Dayo Soemitro , said the free market in medicine requires a guide for physicians . The main one is the understanding of the regulations in the country that would be the place they work .

According to him , at least there are some guidelines that will be a deal . " Among them , each physician must master the language in the country of employment , become members of the profession , has been practicing for five years , and has a test certificate of competency , " said Daryo .


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