Monday, April 21, 2014

Commemoration of Kartini , Doctors Hospital of Solo Wear Traditional Clothing

Various methods are used to commemorate Kartini Day today , Monday, April 21, 2014 . As the doctors and hospital employees Moewardi Solo Dr , they wore traditional clothing from several regions in Indonesia .

Monitoring in Hospital Dr Moewardi , different atmosphere visible when entering the room of patient care in hospitals owned by the Central Java province . Female security officer who normally wear uniforms greatness Daily Office Clothes white and blue , on this day all dressed in kebaya .
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Not only that , the doctors , nurses , and the clerk did not miss to come dressed in traditional clothing . For women , there are wearing kebaya , baju kurung , Dayak customary fashion , and others . Meanwhile , there are men who wear Betawi traditional clothes , clothing beskap , and blangkon .

Head of Legal and Public Relations Moewardi Solo Hospital , Elysa said , in commemoration of Kartini , this community hospital wearing traditional clothes from different regions of the archipelago . In the morning , the entire staff , physicians , and hospital staff to follow the ceremony by wearing traditional clothes of the entire archipelago .

" To commemorate Kartini 's Day , which is usually the doctors and staff wearing uniforms , they wear clothes today national customs . 's Aim is also to preserve the custom dresses that have started to be forgotten , " he said .

He said that the hospital staff wearing the customary full day . This is also true for the doctors and nurses when making health care for the patients .

" It's just that there are exceptions to the surgeon . Currently acts surgery , the doctor will abandon traditional dresses , replaced by a uniform operation . Surgery order is not disturbed , " said Elysa .
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In Bogor , West Java , dozens of Bogor City Police Women Police to raid two wheelers and four wheelers around the Tugu Kujang , Eastern District of Bogor .
However , they do not menilang motorists who violate traffic . Rather , just giving a flower .

" That's it , is not ticketed , " said Head of Plans and Program of Bogor City Police Assistant Commissioner of Police Siska Dwi .

He said , giving this flower as a symbol of affection in the Kartini Day . " Her warrior woman , without his services , we may not be able to enjoy the results of the struggle , " he said .


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