Friday, April 11, 2014

Candidates Sound MCC benchmarks, Kades House Burned

Tlagah home village head , Galis Bangkalan , Madura , East Java , burnt , Thursday ( 10/4 ) . Arson was suspected to be linked Nawawi house election .

" It is true there are burning home by a group of people . Yet burning only the front door , because the fire was put out immediately, " said Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Bangkalan Sulistijono .

The burning of the village head Tlagah it started happening around 17:00 pm . Driving a pickup, direct mass throwing of petrol jerry cans . Some are breaking the glass walls and glass parked car .

Kades Nawawi said not knowing for sure the cause of the burning and destruction of his house was . But nothing to do with the strong suspicion pileg .

In the village , he said , there is one candidate who is not satisfied with the acquisition of voice . Because little is not as expected .

Previously uncle Nawawi , H Halib never came to him and asked to adjust the sound of the vote a candidate from the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) that added 1,200 votes.

However , Nawawi reject the premise of maintaining neutrality as the village head . In addition , villagers who ran on pileg this time there were three people . Namely become candidates in Nasdem Party and Hanura .

" Well , since I reject it , the uncle threatened to burn the house , and was after maghrib was actually brought the masses and want to burn this house , fortunately can be immediately rescued , " said Nawawi .

" I'm obviously not good, because all three candidates are equally familiar . Finally I pasrahkan aspirations of the people and not according to the wishes of the uncle who asked to add as many as 1,200 votes on the PKS candidate , " he said .
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Massa also attempted to set fire to the ballot box when voting results are still stored in his home . Because in this Tlagah village which is used as place as the village hall is home to the village .

Until around 23:30 pm in the home situation is still tense Tlagah village head and the village family fear of arson was committed group of people . Police stepped up security and doing the scene if ( scene ) .


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