Thursday, March 13, 2014

First step to 'population' for birds

RSPB is encouraging research into changes in bird populations . Along with four other parties This was done in February signed an MoU . Besides some changes are researchers also analyzed mortality and birth rates of birds , important information for the protection of species.
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A joint approach
The new Centre for Avian Population Studies ( CAPS ) is to initiate and stimulate research . Currently, there is no coordinated joint approach and analysis of demographic data for birds . Five organizations have now entered into collaboration to investigate . Feasibility and possibilities of financing activities for this purpose in the coming year Besides RSPB involves compare species Netherlands , Vogeltrekstation , Dutch Institute for Ecology and the Radboud University Nijmegen .

The goals of the five organizations are ambitious : they want to apply this approach for all species occurring in the Netherlands . The registry acts as if the finger on the pulse of all Dutch bird populations . Birds Red and Orange List do have priority . RSPB sees the signing of a letter of intent as the start of a major new development, this approach would eventually scaling abroad .

Year of the Starling (see also: vitamin burung)
The research that is now for the Year of the Starling place , fits all the new way of collecting data which also include birth and death rates of birds . In a hundred starlings cabinets cameras whose images are viewed by volunteers. Hang How many eggs are laid and how many young fly out ? This results in birth rates . There are also young starlings banded and view volunteer counters the proportion of young starlings in a group . Finally , the analysis of the data will make it clear why the sparrow performs so poorly and what can be done to improve that. Done


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Orchid Plant charm Month

In this occasion I will share about an information relating to an orchid plant , orchid plant that is about Enchantment Moon , moon orchid was first found her by a Dutch botanist , Dr. . C.L. Blume . Plants that have more than 50 species thrives in many countries of Indonesia, especially in the Moluccas , Kalimantan and around her .(see also: jual pakan burung)

Info Plant Orchid Month
Plants Orchid Month

Special du Indonesia, the first month of orchids found in the Maluku region , and for the designation of this month orchids vary widely , depending on its area such as in the area of Java and Bali designation for this month orchids are orchids quarterly , sedanagkan in the Maluku region they call as his fly orchids .

Orchidaceae is a kind of moon orchid , orchid plants which have the feature of this month or have large petals and has a white color , but now many are cultivated orchids and orchid species are crossed with his other , resulting in a variety of colors wide .

 These plants include the monopodial plant species , where the plant is not too fond of direct sunlight , but despite that this plant requires little light for its survival . This month orchids have the green leaves , and its flowers have a fragrant aroma , and its bloom time is tolerable rather long when compared with other angggrek her .

This month orchids flourish not only in the country of Indonesia , but this plant timbuh also in various countries such as Australia , the Philippines and Malayasia . And this month orchid plants including epiphytic plants or orchid plants his livelihood on other trees , or growing attached to the trees .
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Info Plant Orchid Month
Well that's a little info about the Moon Charm Orchid Plants , hopefully this article useful .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The food in the forest is gone, go boar neighborhoods

Despite entering the beginning of the rainy season , the forest villagers who were in some state of Banjar regency , Central Java admitted to fret , because rampant boar attack . These conditions resulted in farmers threatened with crop failure .

In addition to damaging the land , the wild pigs also roam around the forest areas of settlements . Coordinating Officer Pest Plant Pest Observers Banjarnegara , Yogo Teak , says it takes coordination among related agencies to address this issue .

" It took a lot of parties to be able to cope with this attack . Due to their natural habitat boar should be in the woods , " he said , Wednesday ( 30/10 ) .
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According to him , if a herd of wild boar has entered a residential or agricultural land to permit citizens forest degradation . The farmers admit the first time an event like this . In overcoming , public hunting and trapping , but have not been successful .

According to the villagers of the District Sidakangen Kalibening , Banjar State Budi , wild boar attacks most are in the garden adjacent to the forest . " Not only in the garden , pigs are also frequently enters the village and look for food near the house at night , " he said .

Recognition is also spoken Sidakangen other residents , Ismanto . He said the boar began to approach the animal cages owned by residents . As a result , often the owner of goats and cows had to sleep in the stable, for fear the animal rebelled because of fear .

" If you do not wait , cows or goats may rebel for fear of pigs and can make the enclosure is damaged or injured animal , " he said .

According Ismanto , wild boar population increased, because of the vast agricultural land damaged and many people often see pigs in large quantities . " The population seems to be increasing every month . Because more extensive damage to agricultural land and is very detrimental to the farmers , " he said .

Even so , part of Forest Stakeholders Unity Karangkobar Perhutani , Hidayaturachman Taufik said , boar attack not because of the destruction of forests . He revealed that the increase in population which impact on the availability of food is not sufficient in the forest . " Due to uncontrollable population led to the availability of food in the forest is not sufficient , " he explained .
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Meanwhile , Chairman of the Sub- Faculty of Agriculture Experiment Station Unsoed , Sufiriyanto said the attack was caused by a wild boar in the forest food supplies are already depleted . Because of these conditions , then a wild boar foraging for sources that are outside the forest . " Boar down looking for food around the residential area caused by damage to the forest ecosystem , " he said .

He continued , in August and November , wild boar foraging activity increased as the season enters the pregnant sow . Intuitively , boar herd inventory will seek to welcome the birth of piglets after gestational age was 16.5 weeks . When it does not receive food supplies in the woods , then , pigs will continue to leave the nest in search of food .