Friday, April 18, 2014

Iodine prices soar, Garut Salt Farmers Complain

Salt farmers in Cikelet , Garut , West Java complain . They complained about the high price of iodine which reached Rp 1 million per kilogram ( kg ) .

" In fact , iodine as an additional ingredient that must be present to be mixed with sea water , " said Chairman of Farmers Group Three Farmers Estuary , Jono Sujono told Reuters , recently.

Currently , as many as 20 people in four villages in the district Cikelet , continue to develop the processing of salt . Four villages are village Cekelet , Pamalayan , Cijambe , and Cigadog . In the village itself Cigadog there are four people who have started to develop the business .

Salt treatment in the region has been running for the past two years . Initially , the effort was facilitated by Bank Indonesia ( BI ) . Jono said , no salt fields in his village , but there's no salt farmers , " he said .

Based upon the fact that , subsequently tested by the salt farmers of Indramayu is deliberately brought to Garut . It turns out , says Jono , the results are even better in Garut , because salinity 5 ppm . Meanwhile, in a small village just 3 ppm because it has a lot of contact with the waste .

Chairman of Farmers Group Sawargi , Muldan , also recognizes that the quality levels of salt in the southern ocean , especially Garut , very nice . Even during the dry season could reach 7 per mile , because it is not mixed with fresh water .

" Now we are still difficulties iodine , must be bought in Bandung . 1 kg of iodine is expensive Rp 1h uta , "complained Muldan . The need for iodine is not too much .

However , according to Muldan , iodized salt is a requirement that must be followed if you want to get into the market thereof . For 500 kg of salt , then use only 1 gram of iodine .
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For marketing , the salt produced by the farmers still for consumption needs of local residents . They used to use salt for the production of salted fish . " Salt is usually sold at Rp 1,000 for 1 kg of it , " he said .


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