Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Demand Benefits Up, Medan District Court Clerk Strike

Dozens of clerks in the District Court ( PN ) field along strike convened today , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 . Registrar demanding the Supreme Court Clerks office allowances revised since 2010 and was never renewed .

Registrar reasonable , work load and responsibilities as dire clerks and judges in handling the case during the trial . However , revenue clerks and judges differ much . " Registrar is responsible and must be present at the hearing and signed the verdict , " said Abdul Rahman , Chairman of the Clerk of the Court Secretary Indonesia ( IPASI ) , told Tempo , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .
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Rahman explained , clerks allowance of Rp 375 thousand per month in salary . The judge received Rp 20 million per month , consisting of salaries and allowances . " It is not fair that welfare does not get the attention of the clerk of the Supreme Court, even though the most important part of the clerk of the trial , " said Rahman, who is also the Medan District Court bailiff .

As a result of breakdowns clerks , trial schedule be disrupted . Hundreds of lawyers and citizens who will be attending the hearing were forced to wait in the courtyard of the PN field . " Due to the strike of the trial, the trial schedule was back on my son , " said Sri Lestari , the mother of one of the accused criminal cases .

Tempo has until Wednesday afternoon around 13:00 pm , the atmosphere in the building was not as busy as the PN field regular . The clerks were supposed to be in the court room during working hours just sitting in each workspace . According to Rahman , the trial will be carried out on strike until tomorrow . " Currently , the drafting team strike the trial court clerk is being consulted and will continue grains demands clerks to the Supreme Court this afternoon . If MA grant our demands , tomorrow the whole clerks will return to work as normal , " said Rahman .


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