Monday, April 28, 2014

Indonesia Will Have Microbial Breeding Center

Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) will launch the " Indonesian Cultural Collection " which microbial culture collection center in May.

" This is the first time in Indonesia , " said Head of LIPI Lukman Hakim on the sidelines of the " soft launch " Present Status book Biodiversity of Indonesia in Jakarta , Monday ( 28/4 ) .
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Lukman said , to plant biodiversity Indonesia already has a botanical garden that is better known as the Bogor Botanical Gardens .

As for animal biodiversity , zoology museum has been established which is the third largest in the world with two million species .

"With this microbial culture center will be able to store potentially bacteria , " he said .

Previously , when the research carried out in 2011 are already registered sebanak 681 bacterial isolates comprising 32 genera and 259 isolates were identified to the species level dengtan well .

Currently updating the book compiled Indonesian Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan ( IBSAP ) and determination of national targets to protect ecosystems in Indonesia until 2020 .

By knowing the potential richness and biodiversity can be determined then the national target to reduce the rate of biodiversity deterioration IBSAP be published in 2014-2020 .


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