Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to Install Apps / Games from SD Card

Generally, install the application on a mobile phone based on Windows Phone, Android and iOS can be done directly through the store (app store) default handset. However, this process is sometimes hampered by unstable internet connection, or it could be the size of large files and applications that will certainly drain your data quota package.

For example Asphalt game 8: Airborne which has a size of about 820 MB installation file. With a file size of it, of course you will think again if you want to download it directly from the phone.

Do not be discouraged yet, the article made Microsoft's latest update allows you to download an install file (mentahan) apps / games from the Windows Phone Store to your PC / Computer. Furthermore, you can install the file to the phone via the SD Card that the average has been widely supported by current Windows Phone handsets.

Then, how? Here's a guide:

1. Open from your PC browser, then select the tab Apps + Games.

2. Select the application or game you want. In this tip, choose a game Asphalt PULSE 8: Airborne with a file size of 820 MB.

3. On page ditel games / apps, scroll down until you find a link that says "Download and Install manualy". Click on the link to get the installer file that you select the game.

4. Wait until the download is complete, depending on your internet connection.

5. After the game installer file is downloaded, copy the file to the root directory of the SD Card in Windows Phone.

6. If the installer file copy process is complete, open the tab "Store" on your Windows Phone. The next display, you will find a new directory which is the SD Card. If not appear, wait a while, or you can also reset Windows Phone first.

7. Open the directory of the SD card, and you will find a list of games that were previously downloaded.

8. To install it, select the game / application and click the "Install". The installation process will run automatically like you install the application directly from the Windows Phone Store. The difference, the process required by the SD Card is shorter / faster, because you do not need to download it again.
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9. Yes, the installation process games / apps on Windows Phone from the SD Card is completed and you can directly run it.

Good luck ...!


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