Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This desire Floating Village Residents

Floating Village resident RT 01 , Village of Kapok , West Jakarta , had wanted the village could soon be moved to a former cemetery area which covers 1.4 hectares . The shift came after normalization efforts after the end of this month .

" We still wanted our village is just shifted to the area of the cemetery. Example, the total amount of land permukinan our citizens , wider than 1.4 acres of the cemetery area . Nah , just stay divided so that all can , " said Rudi Kelvin , Chairman RT 01 to , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .

Rudi added , the government is also required to provide a certificate of title for the land and buildings , in order to avoid disputes in the future , either from the government or the heirs .
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" One more thing , we want the government to the residents of Kampung love Buoyancy certificate of title to the house we are . Yet right now alone , our home ownership status is recognized and legitimate , not houses illegally , " he said .

Rudi will try to convey the desire of citizens to the Mayor or Deputy Mayor of West Jakarta after normalization efforts completed in late May 2014.

Previously reported , some representatives of the Floating Village residents had discussions with the Deputy Mayor of West Jakarta M.Yuliadi last week in order to discuss the continuation of the program of West Jakarta Administration City Government in managing the village in the Village of Kapok .

" Last week our representatives , I and some community leaders came to the mayor . , Where Mr. Yuliadi there are several options offered to our hometown . Thing first and second shear contrived village school here . 's Just we have not decided then to now , because we not agree on what kind of options , "commentator Rudi to .


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