Sunday, May 4, 2014

Broken Bones, Live It National Exam Students at Home

Semarang District Office of Education permits Setiyono Ade Irfan ( 15 ) , a student of class IX Junior High School 3 Whittlesea , Semarang regency , following the National Testing at home .

This was done following his physical condition is poor because fractures in the past four months. The second of these Setiyono Sutarmi and can not follow the UN established the school as 12 782 other students in Semarang regency .
( Read: burung ciblek jantan )

UN Panel Head Semarang regency , Adi Prasetyo , said, based on reports from schools, this situation has continued to the Department of Education , Central Java Province .

He took a policy , which is a committee of the UN plan to send two monitors besides ordering teachers to engage .

"He will follow the UN regular schedule , because in intelegensi are inter-connected , but his physical is not possible. We will not compound and the school will be given comfort to siswanya , " Adi said when contacted on Sunday ( 05/04/2014 ) night .

"I'm ready 100 percent , UN SMP -LB will be held at Whittlesea , Klepu , and Ambarawa . Reminder we are still the same, do not believe the answers to key leakage issues . Believe own capabilities , " cetusnya .


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