Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Men who Kill Ex-Girlfriend His Wife Arrested

Runaway Yermianto , residents Kedunggebang , District Tegaldlimo , Banyuwangi district for more than two weeks over. The man who stabbed his ex- girlfriend , Ahmad Fatahul ( 35 ) , a resident of the Village Segobang , District Glossy, Banyuwangi district , was caught and killed in Jember earlier this week .

Previously , he had fled to Jakarta , Semarang and Bali . According to Police Chief Joseph AKBP Jember , while in Bali , the offender was willing to surrender to the police .

" He was caught at his home in Jember after police track the whereabouts of offenders . He had to move cities . Fact, in Jakarta, he had worked in the wash motor with paid 40 thousand dollars a day , " said Joseph , Wednesday ( 28/5 / 2014 ) .
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AKBP Joseph also explained stabbing committed by jealous because his wife often teased by the victim .

" According to the actor , on the night in question he intends to remind the victim so as not to disturb his wife again named Ririn . , But they quarreled . They could scramble dagger belonging to the victim until the victim died at the hands of the perpetrators , " he added .

Meanwhile , Yermianto admitted he felt jealous because the victim repeatedly sent SMS to his wife . He also sent an SMS message containing a messenger to divorce his wife .

"It's not only tempting but victims also send SMS to my number . Contained he told me to divorce my wife because my wife has been raped by someone else . Present any man who is not angry when receiving text messages like that . To me it's self-esteem , " he said .

He said he received the last SMS on May 6, 2014 .

" My wife is true to me that the victims also often send SMS to him . Never lied to my wife , " he said softly .

The man who works as a sales on the island of Bali that claimed could not contain her emotions when he met with the victim who is also his ex- girlfriend .

" I just knew but never met . Evening I rebuked him and we had a fight . Daggers he had issued us fight each other and yes finally I stabbed him with his own dagger , " he said .

Previously reported , villagers Subdistrict Kradjan Segobang village scene with the death of Ahmad Slippery Fatahul ( 35 ) , May 10. When found , the victim was found with four stab on the chest and abdomen were spilled in front of his house .

Previously , residents had to know a man who is a widower with Yermianto jealous quarrel because Fathahul often tease Ririn , his wife .


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