Monday, May 19, 2014

Police Sultra safe 4 freighter Illegal Wood

Regional Police ( Police ) Southeast Sulawesi ( Sultra ) seized hundreds of cubic meters of timber from illegal logging in forest areas Kulisusu West , North Buton . Wood types jungle mix was transported by four units of motor boats , to the province of North Buton NTT and NTB .

Southeast Sulawesi Police chief , Brig Arkian Lubis said the wooden fishing operations based on reports from the public , due to rampant illegal logging in the forests of North Buton .

" Team Southeast Sulawesi Police Directorate Reskrimsus on Wednesday, May 14 at around 11 . Securing 00 pm 236 cubic meters of timber types in the District jungle mix Kulisusu West . Action transporting illegal timber has a long , wooden ebony and arrested the two classes , "said Arkian when reviewing timber catches in ports DIT Pol Water , South East Sulawesi Police , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .
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Arkian said, his immediate chain of custody for the location of the timber . In this case , the police also arrested seven crew members .

" Seven of the crew were secured in Southeast Sulawesi Police Water Police . They were charged under Article 83 paragraph 1 letters a and b or Article 81 paragraph 1 of Law No. 18 of 2013 on the Prevention and Eradication of forest destruction with the threat of five years in prison , " said Arkian Lubis .

Four boat motors are used for the illegal timber load Pusaka Jaya is 6 KM , Harris KM Jaya Setia , KM and KM Rahmadia Divine Light . Vessel containing illegally harvested timber was an ordinary ship carrying groceries and cement from Surabaya .

This is expressed by Agus ( 41 ) , one of the crew of motor ( KM ) Faithful Haris Jaya in Southeast Sulawesi Police Air Pol port in the Village Lapulu , Kendari .

" When our ship return empty , so there are people who ask transported wood . We do not know if the wood is not a complete document , including who the owner of the wood , "said Agus .

He explains , ship owners are citizens of Surabaya , East Java . However, Agus just know the wood will be transported to the Flores and Kupang , NTT and East Lombok , NTB . Arrests of illegal logged timber to increase the number of cases of illegal logging in Southeast Sulawesi .

Previously Southeast Sulawesi Police also managed to stop the boats and hundreds of cubic meters of wood from forests in Konawe , Konawe North and North Buton District .


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