Friday, May 23, 2014

Brazil 157,000 Members Make Use Security During World Cup

Brazil said Friday ( 23/5 ) that it was deploying 157,000 soldiers and police to ensure security during the World Cup that was held 20 days after the protests and attacks that often occur in the country ahead of the World Cup event .

The defense ministry said it would deploy 57,000 personnel strength of the navy, army and air force for the event , including 21,000 people who will be alert to situations requiring immediate intervention . The Ministry has invested 709 million reais ( 322 million U.S. dollars ) since 2012 in modernizing their strength and prepare for the tournament , which runs from June 12 to July 13 .
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Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo said he did not believe the demonstrations and strikes in the recent Brazil will rise to the rank of protests that gripped the country last year during the Confederations Cup , a World Cup dress rehearsal event . Protests that attract one million people to the streets and turned violent embarrassing tournament organizers .

Protesters angry over the more than 11 billion U.S. dollars spent to host the World Cup in a country with a striking inequality , and the urgent need in the sectors of education, health , housing and transportation .

Security forces will be deployed in the 12 host cities of the tournament organizers and the capital - state capital Vitoria , Maceio and Aracaju , will be equipped camps for all teams that will compete in the World Cup .


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