Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The food in the forest is gone, go boar neighborhoods

Despite entering the beginning of the rainy season , the forest villagers who were in some state of Banjar regency , Central Java admitted to fret , because rampant boar attack . These conditions resulted in farmers threatened with crop failure .

In addition to damaging the land , the wild pigs also roam around the forest areas of settlements . Coordinating Officer Pest Plant Pest Observers Banjarnegara , Yogo Teak , says it takes coordination among related agencies to address this issue .

" It took a lot of parties to be able to cope with this attack . Due to their natural habitat boar should be in the woods , " he said , Wednesday ( 30/10 ) .
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According to him , if a herd of wild boar has entered a residential or agricultural land to permit citizens forest degradation . The farmers admit the first time an event like this . In overcoming , public hunting and trapping , but have not been successful .

According to the villagers of the District Sidakangen Kalibening , Banjar State Budi , wild boar attacks most are in the garden adjacent to the forest . " Not only in the garden , pigs are also frequently enters the village and look for food near the house at night , " he said .

Recognition is also spoken Sidakangen other residents , Ismanto . He said the boar began to approach the animal cages owned by residents . As a result , often the owner of goats and cows had to sleep in the stable, for fear the animal rebelled because of fear .

" If you do not wait , cows or goats may rebel for fear of pigs and can make the enclosure is damaged or injured animal , " he said .

According Ismanto , wild boar population increased, because of the vast agricultural land damaged and many people often see pigs in large quantities . " The population seems to be increasing every month . Because more extensive damage to agricultural land and is very detrimental to the farmers , " he said .

Even so , part of Forest Stakeholders Unity Karangkobar Perhutani , Hidayaturachman Taufik said , boar attack not because of the destruction of forests . He revealed that the increase in population which impact on the availability of food is not sufficient in the forest . " Due to uncontrollable population led to the availability of food in the forest is not sufficient , " he explained .
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Meanwhile , Chairman of the Sub- Faculty of Agriculture Experiment Station Unsoed , Sufiriyanto said the attack was caused by a wild boar in the forest food supplies are already depleted . Because of these conditions , then a wild boar foraging for sources that are outside the forest . " Boar down looking for food around the residential area caused by damage to the forest ecosystem , " he said .

He continued , in August and November , wild boar foraging activity increased as the season enters the pregnant sow . Intuitively , boar herd inventory will seek to welcome the birth of piglets after gestational age was 16.5 weeks . When it does not receive food supplies in the woods , then , pigs will continue to leave the nest in search of food .


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