Sunday, March 9, 2014

Orchid Plant charm Month

In this occasion I will share about an information relating to an orchid plant , orchid plant that is about Enchantment Moon , moon orchid was first found her by a Dutch botanist , Dr. . C.L. Blume . Plants that have more than 50 species thrives in many countries of Indonesia, especially in the Moluccas , Kalimantan and around her .(see also: jual pakan burung)

Info Plant Orchid Month
Plants Orchid Month

Special du Indonesia, the first month of orchids found in the Maluku region , and for the designation of this month orchids vary widely , depending on its area such as in the area of Java and Bali designation for this month orchids are orchids quarterly , sedanagkan in the Maluku region they call as his fly orchids .

Orchidaceae is a kind of moon orchid , orchid plants which have the feature of this month or have large petals and has a white color , but now many are cultivated orchids and orchid species are crossed with his other , resulting in a variety of colors wide .

 These plants include the monopodial plant species , where the plant is not too fond of direct sunlight , but despite that this plant requires little light for its survival . This month orchids have the green leaves , and its flowers have a fragrant aroma , and its bloom time is tolerable rather long when compared with other angggrek her .

This month orchids flourish not only in the country of Indonesia , but this plant timbuh also in various countries such as Australia , the Philippines and Malayasia . And this month orchid plants including epiphytic plants or orchid plants his livelihood on other trees , or growing attached to the trees .
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Info Plant Orchid Month
Well that's a little info about the Moon Charm Orchid Plants , hopefully this article useful .


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