Thursday, March 13, 2014

First step to 'population' for birds

RSPB is encouraging research into changes in bird populations . Along with four other parties This was done in February signed an MoU . Besides some changes are researchers also analyzed mortality and birth rates of birds , important information for the protection of species.
(see also: obat burung)

A joint approach
The new Centre for Avian Population Studies ( CAPS ) is to initiate and stimulate research . Currently, there is no coordinated joint approach and analysis of demographic data for birds . Five organizations have now entered into collaboration to investigate . Feasibility and possibilities of financing activities for this purpose in the coming year Besides RSPB involves compare species Netherlands , Vogeltrekstation , Dutch Institute for Ecology and the Radboud University Nijmegen .

The goals of the five organizations are ambitious : they want to apply this approach for all species occurring in the Netherlands . The registry acts as if the finger on the pulse of all Dutch bird populations . Birds Red and Orange List do have priority . RSPB sees the signing of a letter of intent as the start of a major new development, this approach would eventually scaling abroad .

Year of the Starling (see also: vitamin burung)
The research that is now for the Year of the Starling place , fits all the new way of collecting data which also include birth and death rates of birds . In a hundred starlings cabinets cameras whose images are viewed by volunteers. Hang How many eggs are laid and how many young fly out ? This results in birth rates . There are also young starlings banded and view volunteer counters the proportion of young starlings in a group . Finally , the analysis of the data will make it clear why the sparrow performs so poorly and what can be done to improve that. Done


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